For Automatic likes service you can choose to get likes for unlimited posts in a pre-defined period (from 1 day up to 1 month) or you can choose to get likes for your next 1-30 posts without worried for the time period that this service exists, eg. you can get 30 posts and post the first today and the last after 1 year without problem.
After recent Instagram updates their security policy became harder.So in order to protect our system from our profiles deletion(these are profiles that we use to like and comment your posts) and retain your Instagram profile safety,our system will automatically pause any likes activity to your profile if you over pass the limit.You can read more about the safe way of using auto Instagram likes here.
Similar to automatic likes.You will receive from 5 to 30 comments on as many posts as you choose few mins/hours after you post or if you choose to get them on previous posts you will get them within 24 hours to the posts you will submit.In that case if you don't submit your posts url,system will send them to your latest posts.In order this service to work you will get some auto likes on your post.
After your payment,we will submit your account on our system and synchronize with Instagram. Then we will send you an email to inform you that you are ready to post.This may take few hours(max 24-48 hours on several occasions like Christmas,New Year,Thanksgiving,Easter....etc).So please DO NOT POST BEFORE YOU GET THAT EMAIL.
Absolutely no,you must have your PRIVATE OFF
Our system checks every several minutes your account and grabs your last post.So please try to post one time,wait to some time(15-30 mins usually are enough) and then post the next one.
Sometimes Instagram server is overloaded and we cannot get your last photo or our system is down for some reason.Although we do our best to keep system running,there will be times that it will be down.Sorry but we cannot avoid it!
We need it to let you know that your account is ready or to contact if something occurred on your order.