Insights into Instagram Users Who Are Choosing Automatic Likes Infographic

As they build their online presence and credibility, many users of Instagram find that it is useful to boost their profile visibility with the use of “automatic likes.” As with most social media outlets, Instagram uses popularity as a metric, meaning that a boost to the popularity will ultimately boost the visibility of the Instagram post—and in the end, the Instagram User.


The Instagram users who strategically use automatic likes find their popularity and fan base soar organically and exponentially. So who are those wise users?

Insights into Instagram Users Who Are Choosing Automatic Likes

Insights into Instagram Users Who Are Choosing Automatic Likes


The Age Demographic


Broken down by age range, the Instagram users who choose automatic likes tend (not surprisingly) to be younger users. Although youth isn’t surprising in itself, you might be surprised at how young the users start. More than 21% of Automatic Likes are utilized by teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18.


The overall age breakdown is as follows:


  • 13-18 years old: 21% of Automatic Likes users
  • 19-29 years old: 27%
  • 30-45 years old: 30%
  • 46 years & older: 22%


Niche Marketing and Automatic Likes


One of the most heavily used areas for use of Automatic Likes is the arena of niche marketing. When it comes to marketing, Instagram users are utilizing strategies for more serious means than simple popularity.


Niche use data, broken down by areas, only confirm that fact.


  • 16% Photography
  • 13% Fashion
  • 12% Travel
  • 12% Product or e-shop Promotion
  • 11% Modeling
  • 10% Art
  • 10% Fitness
  • 6% Music
  • 3% Make-up & Hair Artistry
  • 2% Humor
  • 2% Babies
  • 2% Other
  • 1% Personal


Number of Followers


Another angle to examine regarding utilization of Automatic Likes is to categorize the usage according to the number of followers each user can claim. This breakdown follows a classic bell curve:


  • 9% of Automatic Likes users have fewer than 1,000 followers
  • 19% have 1,000-5,000 followers
  • 24% have 5,000-10,000 followers
  • 30% have 10,000-50,000 followers
  • 16% have 50,000-100,000 followers
  • 2% have more than 100,000 followers


Posts Per Day


In analyzing the most effective use of Automatic Likes, it is worthwhile to take a look at the frequency with which users are posting to their Instagram accounts. Clearly the optimal number of posts per day is around four, give or take a couple:


  • 9% post less often than once per day
  • 62% post 1-4 times per day
  • 27% post 4-7 times per day
  • 2% post more often than 7 times per day


Timing of Automatic Likes


One final area to observe with regard to Automatic Likes is the speed with which users choose to receive their likes.


With a range of timing options, here’s the breakdown of what users prefer:


  • 39% Instantaneously when a post is uploaded
  • 43% choose to get their likes within 5-10 minutes of posting
  • 16% choose to receive likes within 10-30 minutes
  • 2% prefer their likes to arrive more than 30 minutes after posting


Based on a user base of nearly five thousand Instagram experts, the above numbers should give you a good idea of how to use of Automatic Likes to get the most bang out of your bucks.


Difference Between Instagram Auto Likes And Systems For Autolike Instagram Posts

When it comes to making the most of your Instagram account there are two main strategies you can use to get better promotion and higher visibility.

If you want to use Instagram to its full potential, especially if you are marketing something through Instagram, then you need to understand the two main ways you can employ to gain popularity and increase traffic.


  1. Use An Autolike Instagram Bot

 This is automated software that will like posts on other Instagram users profiles for you. It can do this completely hands-free, you don’t need to do it manually.

By automatically liking posts people make on their own profiles, you will increase your own profile visibility. Especially if you have a relevant profile image and username, people will be encouraged to click through to view your profile, possibly further engaging with you.

On top of that it encourages the reciprocal nature of social media. If you are liking people’s Instagram posts, they are more likely to follow you and like your post as well. People are usually polite and if they see somebody engaging to benefit them, they will often be reciprocal and return the favour. Using Instagram software increases your chances of generating that human behaviour.

So using an Autolike Instagram Bot will give you the benefit of not only increasing the visibility of your own profile across Instagram in relevant places, but it will also encourage real people to follow you and engage with you.

  1. Get Instagram Autolikes

autolike_instagram_system-pngInstagram autolikes can benefit you as well. These are available through various systems that allow you to automatically like new posts you make yourself on Instagram.

The benefit of this is it promotes “social proof”. Social proof is great for social media domination because people want to follow and engage with popular people. It’s the same in real life as well, if somebody or something seems popular, more people will want it, even if it’s not the best thing out there. People often judge how good something is by how popular and busy it seems, that’s why social proof on places like Instagram works.

The more your posts a liked the more people are going to take notice of them and engage with them. This increases the chances that the posts you make on Instagram will be shared by real people, promoting your profile to other relevant Instagram users.

This makes getting Instagram auto likes a simple, effective and very affordable way to build a reputation on Instagram that draws people to your profile and encourages them to engage with it.

Take Advantage Of An Instagram Autolikes System Today

So now you understand the difference between an autolike Instagram bot and Instagram auto likes, you are now in a great position to benefit from the power of marketing through Instagram.

By attacking Instagram promotion from both ends, engaging with other users profiles, and getting people to take notice of your own Instagram profile, you can rapidly gain traction and increase your reach on one of the Internet’s biggest social media platforms.

Instagram video views – All about new feature

Instagram Video Views – All About New Feature

Instagram has managed to build its billion dollar business on photos and with the addition video support feature; the Facebook owned app is bound to go even higher. This is a platform that has a huge user base and it can only be expected to become among most popular video sharing service across the globe. Marketing on the platform has been a tricky affair but by making posting of short videos possible, it has made a big difference as far as advertising potential goes. This is considering that mobile video remains to be among the most effective advertising formats today.
If there is one thing that Instagram has managed to do is to make ads feel like very normal part of the users’ feed and less about interrupting features. It can actually be very hard to tell that that post you are getting is not from one of the people you follow unless you are very keen. The new video feature makes it match video giants like Vine and YouTube because it has even made it possible for third impression metrics where comments and likes can be added.

How important is this new feature?

Instagram ViewsOne of the biggest benefits of the video feature on Instagram is that it can help grow brands. This is because it has made it very easy for video popularity to be tracked. The fact that it is possible to add view counts under the videos greatly improve user experience because it makes their opinions feel appreciated. It also makes it possible for brands to better analyze the consumption of their videos. The video posts are limited to 15 seconds, but advertisers still get the chance to buy video ads that are up to a minute.
The video feature has been embraced largely because the previous likes display does not always reflect on the true popularity of the video even though it is an important metric. Views make better feedback form, especially on videos and this is what the new feature on Instagram has managed to do. The likes are not overshadowed because they remain accessible on video view count so in essence nothing gets lost. It means that users can access the likes by clicking the video view count.
The video open a whole new opportunity for brand marketers. It might be a simple addition but one that will pave way for the platform to become a video powerhouse and this is definitely good news for brand marketers. A large number of major brands are already actively creating video content and it is something that is creating a wave considering that best branded video are now getting highlighted and best video practices on Instagram have also emerged.
The truth is that advertisers on Instagram have different other analytics tools they access to measure metrics such as engagement and reach, but the view counts will make it even easier for them to track the success of the videos and those of other brands including competitors just like they do on platforms like YouTube.

Of course our team already has manage to provide our clients with Instagram Video Views.Click here to get views now…

How will Social Media Affect Marketing for 2016

For the past twenty years, the social media phenomenon has rapidly expanded, affecting millions of companies in every part of the world. The increased use of social media among prevalent users has made its lasting impact, and because of this, it has become an addition to the list of marketing techniques. This is because compared to others, it is considered to be the least expensive of all but has the highest impact among customers. This is mainly due to the fact that millions of people now have instant access to the internet using a modem and their trusty computers. In order to stay afloat in today’s generation, companies must dig out the best social media marketing strategy for 2016 by adapting to the current trends that have been proven to be successful.

As of now, there are no telltale signs that the use of social media is slowing down. For all that we know, it greatly dictates the current path of marketing. Without it, any business in today’s generation is bound to shrivel up and die. However, it is believed that the social media marketing strategy for 2016 won’t be limited to a single department that has been apparently penetrated by social media. The effect of social media has become prevalent among other departments because of its multifaceted use. For example, some companies use social media analytics in line with the customer service department. Using an application like Twitter, online customers are more likely to address their areas of concern by using hashtags or including the name of the company itself. At the same time, it has a dual purpose because it markets the brand of the product or service out into the open. A wider exposure to the public both has its benefits and limitations.

Two social media platforms have taken it a step higher by adding a “Buy” button. Yes, we are very familiar with the “Like” buttons as seen on Facebook and Pinterest, but the “Buy” button gives us that tempting chance to go ahead and actually purchase an item or service of our choice. This button saves us time from having to leave the app and being directed to a different site, which everyone agrees costs a bit of extra time. Living in the moment is really what social media is all about. Being a few steps behind can be quite deadly especially at an age like this, which companies are not risking at all.

That is probably why a lot of companies are turning to automation tools for your marketing campaigns in order to save time and money. These tools can be of big help especially when everyone is multitasking and needs to be over the place all at once. However, before you select a marketing automation tool, you should take a look if it can lead you closer to the goals that you’re trying to achieve. Otherwise, it could be a waste of effort. You can take a look at the following tools and see if they can help you and your company in any way.


This unified platform saves the time instead of having to go on different kinds of platforms. AdRoll allows users to gain customers and leads through the use of advertisements across a variety of sources. It matches customers with possible ads that they are looking for through retargeting strategies. Other than that, their personalized use allows you to view ads on a popular social platform like Facebook that appeals to you.


Acquired by AdRoll, Userfox is one of the latest players to sign up within the field and works well with companies that are highly involved with technology. The use of its simple interface should entertain users. Also, it is more likely to send emails that revolve on particular happenings.


People who deal with marketing on a daily basis are aware with what this marketing automation tool can do. Its variety of features allows people to get a hold on their email campaigns, which can be very beneficial for the sales department. Not only that, it also goes beyond what it is expected to do, which is why it is a favourite among many. The great thing about Marketo is that it has an active and widespread base. Companies that are willing to invest in a tool like this have to be prepared that it does not come cheap. However, with all that it’s worth, if it can bring the results, then why not?


iContact has collaborated with OutMarket and has a functional approach when it comes to your needs and knows when you have to offer the right kind of content at a precise moment. In addition to that, iContact allows you to form these custom experiences depending on the workflows that have been restructured in order to cater to your needs. A standout feature that many users will enjoy is its Recommendation Engine. It can be used to find engaging and relevant content that is popular at present. This tool is perfect for small and medium companies who are looking for features that are results-oriented. Best of all, its technology is easy to use especially among new users.


Eloqua is considered to be the cream of the crop in this part of the business because it is equipped with powerful features that could be of good use to you. This is perfect for expanding companies who are looking at software that can do absolutely everything. Because of what this powerful software can actually do, a hefty price tag is attached to it so be prepared of what it will cost you.

After gaining some relevant information regarding these automation tools for your marketing campaigns, now is the perfect time for you to put them into action according to what your needs are and the goals belonging to your company. These tools should guide you and put you and your company in the right direction towards a path of business growth, determination and success.

Impact of safe auto Instagram likes

The Impact of Auto Instagram Likes With Safety When Building an Instagram Business Profile

It is impossible to run any business today without taking into account the impact that social media may have in your quest to grow your business or to simply remain competitive. You have to keep up with emerging trends and leverage all the available social media platforms at your disposal. Take Instagram for instance. The fact that it is the fastest growing social media site in the world today means that a lot. It presents a world of endless possibilities to business owners in terms of marketing. Ignoring its impact can easily give one’s competitors a chance to thrive. But just how should one go about using his or her Instagram business profile? What is the ultimate impact of the said profile to one’s business? Can one get safe and real Instagram likes be turned to leads? Read on to learn more about the impact of auto Instagram likes with safety when building an Instagram business profile.

Safety on your Instagram auto Likes

Impression and reputation

Instagram has been described as a social site that makes people look prettier. In other words, the site is all about creating a good impression. Strangely, impression matters in business as much as it matters in one’s personal life. You therefore have to create the right impression on your Instagram business profile for you to easily turn your Instagram likes into leads. Note that the number or likes you have on your profile can easily attract or chase away prospective clients. A profile with more likes sends across the message that you are a brand people can relate to. A profile with less likes on the other hand creates doubt and suspicion and can easily make it hard for one to get more likes. With that in mind, consider hiring a marketing company that can help you garner real Instagram auto likes.

The ‘home/ family’ factor

The number of Instagram auto likes you could be getting from your social media marketing company may be great. But at the end of the day, the likes can have the afore-hinted positive or negative impact. Remember that the likes are on your page because of a common factor which could be the fact that they all use your product or services. You must therefore find a way to make the followers feel close to each other. They must also feel like someone is taking them seriously. That explains why serious companies usually have photo contents on their Instagram business profiles.

The wow factor

Most business owners hardly think about this but truth is, your followers can easily get bored along the way and leave your profile. It happens all the time. Remember that most Instagram users are young people who can easily get impatient and bored. Your auto Instagram likes may work for you at first. It should however be noted that failure to ensure that you always have engaging and trending content on your profile can easily chase away your followers. Your best should therefore be to ensure that you have on your profile impressive pictures that will get people talking and in the process, market your business to other Instagram users. This brings up another important point.

Relevant and engaging content

Ensure your followers are always ‘talking’. In other words, be keen to always post relevant content. Remember that the Instagram auto likes you are getting from your marketing company are real people. They can bring in more likes and in the process, market your business well. But this may not happen if you for one reason or another post irrelevant content. Ensure that the pictures you post and the hash tags you create are impressive, appealing and can keep your followers talking for days. This does not mean you become controversial. It simply means you identify your audience and tell them what they always want to hear. It gets better if you can tell your audience something they did not know about earlier.

Fresh leads

This is by far the greatest impact that auto Instagram likes can have on your business profile. Smart business owners understand this concept very well. Their average counterparts seem to ignore it. Treat the followers on your Instagram business profile as your immediate clients. Think about the other clients outside Instagram later. Any time you have a new product or service; market it as though you are only marketing it to your Instagram audience only. You will be surprised at how quickly you will end up with leads from your Instagram followers.

Safe Auto Likes

You have to play by the rules. Instagram recently came up with new security updates that can easily weed out likes. Business that thrived on such likes are now going under and performing dismally.But we are here to stay with new updates on our side.That is why you can trust us for your safety.We have update our system and it will stop any likes activity to your account if you overpass the new Instagram limits.

Security Update – SiteLock Partnership

Hi there,

how are you guys? Hope you are doing fine,actually hope you are doing better then fine.

We would like to inform you about the last 10-14 days of instability from our side.We found out that our site has been compromised.Google has inform us through Google Webmaster Tools that we have a security issue that must be resolved ASAP.While we were trying to fix it we had lost our rankings,so many of you couldn’t find us from the Google Search(we are 150-190 positions down at the moment for all of our keywords) and the only way to reach us was through email or by writing our url to your browser.

All this time we were trying to find out how this happened and clean the mess,so you might noticed a delay on your orders.Our sincere apologies but it was necessary to focus on the cleaning part first of all. Now i would also like to let you know that you were not in danger because all the transactions are made under the security provided by Paypal,so there is no reason to worry.Also your account credential for login into our site are safe because we have disable the client back end during the changes we are trying to develop the last 2 months and all the passwords are deleted and will be reset.

What we did to clean our site? 

First of all we contact our support from our hosting provider (Hostgator) and ask them to check our site.The support guy couldn’t help us further and submit our Support Ticket to the security department.They asked us to wait and don’t touch anything from our site(files/Database/Pages,etc.).After almost 9 days we got a response.The security team found the problem and fix it.It was an image that came with a plugin… The remove the infection and suggest as the next step to keep it safe.


That’s the first thing you need to do.Update your WordPress version and all the plugins.Always update but just for your security,keep a backup before you do the updates.

SiteLock is the solution

What else can i do beside the update,i asked… You can use a firewall and a malware scanner for your site,they said.Now there is some plugins to scan for vulnerabilities and possible infections on your site,but i thought that this is not enough.The best solution is to contact SiteLock and ask them to take a look to your site and give you proposal that fit to your needs.And that was the beginning of our partnership.As you can notice we have the Sitelock badge that informs you that everyday we are a clean and safe site,a site that you can trust!!!


Press Release – Our Instagram Services

IG Auto Like unveils brand new packages that will help customers get customized automatic Instagram likes and comments

IG Auto Like is the first online based auto likes and comments provider that offers customers automatic Instagram likes and comments at very affordable rates. The company works with a wide range of customers and is one of the major stops for quality Instagram likes.

Los Angeles, CA – One of the very first Instagram automatic likes and auto comments provider in the market IG Auto Like has announced that it has launched a variety of new service packages in a move the provider says will help customers get customized auto likes and comments at cost effective rates.

In a statement the company released to media houses today the new packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of all its customers will create a remarkable opportunity for businesses to get Instagram auto like and comments. In addition to this, IG Auto Like has said that the packages are available on its site and clients looking for custom and quality auto likes and comments have been welcomed to make the most out of them. IG Auto Like says that the packages will allow its customers to get amazing Instagram likes a few minutes after they post on their Instagram pages.

There is a daily subscription package where customers can post unlimited posts during the 24 hours and get amazing autolike Instagram and comments. In addition to this, IG Auto Like has noted that its offering another package that allows customers to clearly define the number of likes they want. For example, the provider notes that a customer can request 1000 likes on their next thirty posts. The firm has also confirmed that the packages will allow clients to get followers with the option to receive them partially every few hours, e.g 100 followers every 4 hours.

IG Auto Like is the first online based consultant to offer customers automatic Instagram likes and comments and this has been termed by many analysts in the market as a very bold step forward that will make the firm one of the major players in the market. The company says that it will continue to improve its services in order to make it easier for people to buy Instagram comments.

The provider agrees that getting likes, followers, and comments in Instagram is not easy and as such the new auto like service will for sure come handy. The firm also notes that its packages have all been developed to meet the financial needs of all customers and will for sure come at very affordable rates.

About IG Auto Like

IG Auto Like is the first online based auto likes and comments provider that offers customers automatic Instagram likes and comments at very affordable rates. The company works with a wide range of customers and is one of the major stops for quality Instagram likes

Check the full Press Release in ABNewsWire