Instagram Video Views – All About New Feature

Instagram has managed to build its billion dollar business on photos and with the addition video support feature; the Facebook owned app is bound to go even higher. This is a platform that has a huge user base and it can only be expected to become among most popular video sharing service across the globe. Marketing on the platform has been a tricky affair but by making posting of short videos possible, it has made a big difference as far as advertising potential goes. This is considering that mobile video remains to be among the most effective advertising formats today.
If there is one thing that Instagram has managed to do is to make ads feel like very normal part of the users’ feed and less about interrupting features. It can actually be very hard to tell that that post you are getting is not from one of the people you follow unless you are very keen. The new video feature makes it match video giants like Vine and YouTube because it has even made it possible for third impression metrics where comments and likes can be added.

How important is this new feature?

Instagram Views

One of the biggest benefits of the video feature on Instagram is that it can help grow brands. This is because it has made it very easy for video popularity to be tracked. The fact that it is possible to add view counts under the videos greatly improve user experience because it makes their opinions feel appreciated. It also makes it possible for brands to better analyze the consumption of their videos. The video posts are limited to 15 seconds, but advertisers still get the chance to buy video ads that are up to a minute.
The video feature has been embraced largely because the previous likes display does not always reflect on the true popularity of the video even though it is an important metric. Views make better feedback form, especially on videos and this is what the new feature on Instagram has managed to do. The likes are not overshadowed because they remain accessible on video view count so in essence nothing gets lost. It means that users can access the likes by clicking the video view count.
The video open a whole new opportunity for brand marketers. It might be a simple addition but one that will pave way for the platform to become a video powerhouse and this is definitely good news for brand marketers. A large number of major brands are already actively creating video content and it is something that is creating a wave considering that best branded video are now getting highlighted and best video practices on Instagram have also emerged.
The truth is that advertisers on Instagram have different other analytics tools they access to measure metrics such as engagement and reach, but the view counts will make it even easier for them to track the success of the videos and those of other brands including competitors just like they do on platforms like YouTube.
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