Ways That Are Very Simple To Increase Instagram Likes

How do you increase likes on your Instagram post? The most pressing question of all time! Well! Numerous ways can help you to reach there. But would you believe that only a few are going to work on you?

And that is, we have brought you a blog with the most hand-picked evergreen tactics you can ever find. So, how about we unfold them without any further ado?

Let us get started.

Identify Your Target Audience & Niche

Any Instagram growth strategy can work if it satisfies one core fact – Identifying the audience & niche. Anything that you will do ahead will reflect this point.

Well! Some beginners might struggle to find their interests but wish to build Instagram anyway. So, here are a few points that can help you establish your brand and identify your target audience.

Find Your Niche

  • Identify things you are good at.
  • Identify your strengths of being a problem solver.
  • Experiment with new areas of interest.
  • Research your competitors & understand their work.

Find Your Audience

  • Analyze your competitors’ audience.
  • Conduct surveys over the platform.
  • Examine your post insights and understand the engagement pattern
  • Experiment with your posting ideas & filter your audience.

Optimize Your Profile

A well-presented profile always gathers attention. Any visitor will first check out the profile before following the individual. And that is why you need to be very careful about updating the profile from time to time.

Your wall can help you entice your visitor into taking an interest and help them educate about who you are & what you do.

So, here are a few things that you need to do to keep your profile updated & optimized.

  • Fill up all the sections of the profile details.
  • Mention what you can deliver in the bio.
  • Make sure to add a website and mail ID if possible.
  • Use linktree as a portfolio.
  • Look out for new updates for profile optimization.
  • Manage story highlights in a way that looks fit for your profile.
  • Segregate your posts, videos, & reels in different walls if possible.

Plan Your Posting Calendar

Keep a comprehensive posting calendar that can cover everything that you need to post. In addition to that, optimize your posting calendar as per new ideas, trends, festivals, new campaigns, and more.

There are a few things you can do to maintain an updated posting calendar.

  • Specify the most optimal timings to generate maximum exposure.
  • Mention what you can deliver in the bio.
  • Make sure to include the most winning ideas in your calendar.
  • Don’t ignore the power of early posting on trends.
  • Keep a check on most niche-related occasions of the month.
  • Run exciting campaigns.

Be Consistent

Staying consistent is a superpower that only a few people possess. And these are the only ones who are enjoying Instagram growth in real-time. Well! You can have it too. You just need to follow some tricks and tactics to achieve that.

Here we go!

  • Post daily if possible.
  • Plan your strategy & posting timings according to the engagement analysis of previous posts.
  • Divide your day or week into parts and post multiple times.
  • Install a third-party social media management or scheduling tool for early scheduling benefits.

Optimize Your Posts

Have you ever struggled to make your Instagram posts more engaging? Or wondered how other influencers do it? Well! We have the answer to both questions.
  • Design copy & creative that fits the algorithm.
  • Follow a posting theme for your profile.
  • Use hashtags to optimize your post.
  • Use meaningful captions to describe your posts.
  • Add location, add tags, and alt text.
  • Make sure you are posting reel content more, as videos are getting favored by the Instagram algorithm.
  • Publish niche-centric posts.
  • Publish audience-centric posts.

Opt For A Third Party Instagram Engagement Boosting Tool

If you want to unlock early engagement benefits in your post, then give a hand to a third-party Instagram engagement boosting tool. The main benefits that come with early engagement are – you have a high chance of getting viral than before.

Well! Despite the amazing benefits of an early boost, things can get a bit risky for your Instagram profile. You can look out for an authentic tool to avoid such issues.

However, you can consider these points before you start looking for an engagement-boosting tool.

  • Buy these services from tools that have a record of delivering the right engagement
  • Check if the services are delivering in a humanized way or not.
  • Make sure that the engagement boosting tools have a legitimate website.
  • Make sure that they have a money back guarantee and other support resources on them.

Collaborate With Influencers

Being visible and getting in front of the masses is the best approach to attract them to follow you. Being active on both your own and others’ Instagram accounts is essential. Apart from this, it is helpful if you consider sponsoring user-generated content. This can push your profile into the feeds of your target audience.,

Well! There are many ways you can have that kind of exposure. But one of the best ways is by sharing the content and collaborating with larger Instagram accounts of your niche, such as well-known influencers in your field.

Just be careful to offer something worthwhile. Making a strong sales pitch is the last thing you want to do. Look for marketing partnerships and co-marketing strategies with other brands and excel in promoting your brand.

Leverage Cross-Platform Marketing

Relying only on Instagram for larger pool of audience is so dreadful that it can kill your growth prospects.

However, there is one way around to tackle this issue. And that is Cross-promotion.

Doing this across all of your social media platforms is a wonderful concept. You may effortlessly direct traffic to your Instagram by utilising your other social networks.

Make sure that you’re not merely requesting a follow. Instead, focus on promoting original content on Instagram to give users a reason to follow you there. Fortunately, you have a fantastic opportunity to increase your following through original content thanks to Instagram’s addition of a tonne of new video capabilities, including Stories, IGTV, and Reels.


Leveraging these strategies to gain followers can help you expand your reach as Instagram’s popularity is among an extended pool of users. We are here to make sure that your profile continues to grow. You will be on the road to increased success in your Instagram interaction if you keep these Instagram Like-boosting suggestions in mind.

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